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After-sales Service

Unite focuses on building a service system, relying on a strong technical support team to provide systematic professional services, We tailor the best solutions according to customer needs with efficient implementation and full service. 
By combining online guidance and offline training, we help users get familiar with the products; We also standardize after-sales service project standards, to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of users.

Warranty Service

Quality Assurance

We provide quality assurance for all our products to ensure that quality issues are resolved promptly under normal operating conditions.

Remote Technical Support

Our technical team can provide remote support to help customers diagnose and solve equipment usage problems.

On-Site Maintenance Services

For cases that require on-site maintenance, we will send professional technicians to the customer's location for repair and maintenance.

Training Services

Product Knowledge Training

We will provide customers with training on product characteristics, precautions for use and maintenance methods to help them better use and maintain the products.

Safety Operation Training

We will provide training on the safe operation of the equipment to ensure that our customers follow the best safety practices during operation.

Maintenance Training

We will impart knowledge on the routine maintenance and care of the equipment so that the customer can effectively extend the service life of the device and ensure its performance stability.






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