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Matrix IOT Standard Strain Storage Compartment

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The Matrix IOT Standard Strain Storage Compartment is mainly used for the comprehensive management of inventory and use of standard strains, including material management, data statistics, permission management, system management and other functions.

It standardizes the management and use procedures of standard strains for microbiological experiment quality control and operational evaluation, minimizes cross contamination, and ensures reliable experimental results and laboratory safety.

1. Strain database

Used for storing basic information about the strains, such as name, number, source, batch, etc. The database can support efficient data retrieval and query to quickly obtain detailed information about the strains.

2. Passage and be put in storage

Quickly linking information about the passage strains to facilitate the passing and re-stocking operation process

3. User permission management

Manage the access and operation permissions of different users in the system to ensure the security and confidentiality of data.

4. Reporting and statistics

Reports and statistics can help users understand the usage and inventory status of strains, providing data support for decision-making.







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