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Matrix IOT Standard Product Storage Compartment

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Based on the current national standards, the Matrix IOT Standard Product Storage Compartment establishes a deep connection between the standard products materials and scientific researchers, R&D environment, receiving process, experimental equipment, and regulatory system. The product adopts Usample V Series Matrix IOT Room Temperature / Refrigerated / Frozen / Dual Temperature Control Storage Box, equipped with matrix IOT management system of Usample T-T desktop control platform. Through the optocoupler matrix positioning technology,  it breaks the management dilemma of different specifications, various types and difficult traceability of standard products, it achieves the refined management goal of rapid positioning and abnormal early warning, accurately tracking and recording the entire life cycle of the goods. It also provides intelligent early warning to abnormal operations such as misuse and omission, realizes the optimization of the storage space under the unattended operation, and greatly improves the efficiency of the goods in and out of the warehouse management.

1. Optocoupler matrix

Through the optocoupler matrix positioning technology, the material information can be quickly identified and located; the electric field and magnetic field intensity generated by the optocoupler are lower than the national safety standards.

(1) No RF Radiation

To ensure the stability of the material composition, no harm to the human body.

(2) Fast Positioning

Give each material a unique identification (tag QR code / RFID electronic tag) for rapid identification and positioning.

(3) Abnormal Warning

Locate and track the whole process of material circulation, update the back ground data in real time, and give early warning of abnormalities to reduce the accident rate.

2. Basket-type structure design

(1) Structural stability

Effectively dispersing and withstanding external forces, improving the overall stability of the structure

(2) High load-bearing capacity

Capable of bearing high weight and pressure.

(3) Easy installation and maintenance

Simple and straightforward design and easy connection between components

(4) Adaptable

Adjustable and optimized according to different needs and occasions

3. Lock control

Convenience, intelligence, security, and applicability

4. Matrix Positioning Scanning Rack

Stability, durability, military craftsmanship







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