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Matrix IOT Instrument and Equipment Management Platform

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The platform is able to realize the instrument management, instrument monitoring, instrument calibration and maintenance management for laboratory equipment. It includes multiple user terminals such as backend, mobile, and intelligent terminals. The backend is mainly used to manage the basic information, permission settings, process settings, and other basic settings that support business. The mobile terminal is mainly used for convenient functions such as quick registration, maintenance, and repair of small instruments. The terminal is mainly used for the online use of large instruments and real-time monitoring of their operating status, reporting to the backend management to facilitate timely handling of various abnormalities in the instruments.

1. Instrument Inventory

Combined with handheld PDA, unique physical identification collection, standardized management of asset changes, automatically generate analysis report data of management personnel , assisting the effective management of laboratory instruments and equipment.

2. Instrument Management

Realize the management of instrument information, including basic information,calibration information, maintenance records, usage records, repair records, appointment records, utilization monitoring, and other aspects.

3. Instrument monitoring

Real time monitoring of instrument running status, connection to smart meters, terminal observation of current electricity, voltage, power, etc.

4. Instrument calibration

Used for managing the calibration information of instruments, including the calibration time, location, calibration institution, calibration results, etc., to improve the efficiency and quality of instrument use.

5. Instrument Reservation

Used for managing the appointment and use of instruments in the laboratory, improving the efficiency and quality of instrument use

6. Maintenance management

Used by maintainers to maintain small instruments, scan the instrument QR code to obtain the maintenance plan and configuration maintenance form of the instrument, and complete the maintenance operation after completing the maintenance information

7. Instrument Maintenance

It is used to report the faulty instruments for repair, and can be reported for repair after scanning the code and perfecting the fault reporting information. This reduces maintenance and repair costs, shortens the maintenance and repair cycle, uploads photos to determine the effectiveness of maintenance and repair, and allows for timely understanding the status and maintenance situation of the instrument, thereby prolonging the service life of the instrument.







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