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Matrix IOT Hazardous Chemical Storage Compartment

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Develop tailored solutions for the all life cycle of hazardous chemicals in complex laboratory scenarios

To meet the needs of hazardous chemicals management in universities and scientific research laboratories, Zhejiang Unite has launched the Matrix IOT Storage - Hazardous Chemicals, which forms a full life cycle solution of chemical application, approval, put in storage, receive, use, return and disposal. In line with the authoritative standard structure design and public security "five double" management system, Different cabinets with functional hardware can be selected according to control needs and storage scenarios, creating a safe and compliant, intelligent and efficient hazardous chemical warehouse.

1. Centralized Storage Solution

Centralized deployment by the superior core department, unified control of all hazardous chemicals materials in the laboratory, through the Unite Matrix IOT storage compartment, to improve the effectiveness of the unit safety operation and maintenance management, to achieve the unified monitoring of the use of hazardous chemicals materials within the unit.


2. Terminal Control Solution

According to the division of system authority, it is able to realize the independent control of hazardous chemical materials within the laboratory, through the concept of blockchain, and the IOT technology, It integrates and uploads real-time data on material circulation, usage, and safety alerts, and strictly enforces the public security requirements of "double personnel and double locks," creating a "super ledger" that is decentralized and accountable to everyone involved.







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