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Matrix IOT Environmental Monitoring Management Platform

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By using intelligent IOT devices to obtain data, environmental data (such as infrared, temperature and humidity, VOC, monitoring, voltage and current, etc.) can be visualized, enabling rapid identification and analysis of problems. The system also issues alert notifications when environmental data exceeds safe thresholds, enabling timely measures to ensure environmental safety.

1. Environmental monitoring

Real time temperature and humidity, gas (VOC, carbon dioxide, etc.) parameters can be viewed in each laboratory and region, and the relevant areas can be quickly located through the search function. Parameters' variation curves are displayed directly through visual charts, realizing long-term recording and collection of data.

2. Real-time recording

Intelligent devices such as cameras and access controls are integrated to capture video images and access records, which are displayed in real-time within the system. The video traces and records timely when discovered the dangerous sources, and can be retrieved afterwards.

3. Early warning/alarm

By utilizing intelligent hardware and big data analysis, we can achieve laboratory risk warning and intelligent alarm functions, reducing various accidental risks.

4. Equipment management

It integrates and connect with various environmental monitoring equipment and probes in the laboratory, records basic equipment information and parameters such as equipment name, equipment number, region, equipment type, etc., and allowed for setting devices on/off status. Customizable rules for device alarms and flexible push methods can be set.







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