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Matrix IOT Biological Reagent Consumables Storage Compartment

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Matrix IOT Biological Reagent Consumables Storage Compartment is a tailor-made solution for laboratories, which integrates multiple functions such as reagent inventory management, consumables procurement management, usage record tracking, and inventory warning, etc., aiming to help laboratories achieve refined and intelligent management of reagent consumables. It is mainly used for the full life cycle management of various biological reagents and consumables in CDC, food and drug, scientific research and other units.

1. Reagent inventory management

It supports comprehensive registration, classification, storage and querying of various biological reagents and consumables, which can be recorded in detail according to the key information such as reagent batch, expiration date, storage conditions, to ensure the traceability of reagents and the safety of usage. Meanwhile, it automatically calculates the inventory quantity and provides data support for procurement decision through intelligent inventory algorithm.

2. Consumables procurement management

It supports various procurement methods, such as online ordering, supplier direct supply, ensuring flexibility and efficiency of the procurement process, and assist laboratories in realizing the formulation, approval, execution and monitoring of procurement plans. Through the data connection with suppliers, real-time access to price, inventory and other information to provide strong support for procurement decisions.

3. usage record tracking

Every instance of reagent and consumable usage is recorded, including key information such as user, usage time, and usage amount. It helps laboratories to monitor and analyze the use of reagents and consumables, promptly identify and solve problems during use. Meanwhile, it generates detailed usage reports to provide powerful support for laboratory research and management.

4. Inventory warning

When the inventory is below the safety threshold, the system automatically warns and reminds the laboratory to replenish the stock in time. It also supports predicting future demand based on historical data and actual demand, automatically generating replenishment plans to ensure the normal operation of the laboratory.







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