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Matrix IOT 5G + Biological Sample Storage Cabin

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Unite is committed to the research and production of low-temperature storage equipment and supporting products, providing three kinds of biological sample storage solutions to create a safe, convenient, and worry free sample storage scenario. The system intelligently manages sample information and ensures the safety of samples throughout the entire process. The project has successfully passed the pilot project of the "5G Bacterial and Virus Species and Biological Sample Management System" by relevant national departments, the "Pioneer" and "Leading Geese" programs of Zhejiang Province, R&D Program for Bio-safety Security and Emergency Disposal Equipment of the Department of Science and Technology.

1. Standard BioBank

The system provides a powerful sample storage space management function, three-dimensional graphical manner displays the internal structure of different storage devices. The storage status and the entire process of in and out operations are clear at a glance.

2. SBS BioBank

The system is equipped with corresponding storage devices, and forms a rigorous and efficient semi-automatic warehouse. Entire disk is scanned for in and out of the warehouse, which is fast and convenient. Real time data is monitored anytime and anywhere to ensure the safety of sample use.

3. Fully automated BioBank

Customize a new BioBank with automation and high efficiency for customers to realize automated operation and management throughout the entire process of preparation, transfer and access.







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